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Lone Star Campaigns is a  results driven campaign consulting firm serving the liberty campaigns in Texas. Established in 2018 by Chelsea Meckel, Lone Star Campaigns offers a variety of consulting and staffing services catered to your campaign’s needs and budget.


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Clients in the News

The consultants at Lone Star Campaigns were proud to work with the 2018 Libertarian Candidate for United States Senate, Neal Dikeman. Since the election Neal Dikeman has been busy making his presence known throughout the media.

Click here for his most recent venture on January 13's episode of "What's Your Point?"

Lone Star Campaigns offers educated experienced consultants at an affordable rate for those campaigns seeking to promote the message of liberty. At Lone Star Campaigns we understand that having the funds available for a full time staff can be hard, if not impossible, for smaller campaigns. The consultants at Lone Star Campaigns can a help you organize your campaign in ways that cater to your campaign's budget and needs.